"I just received your ChickMagnet about a week ago and have been wearing it in the office, to the market...everywhere! The comments I get are short of hysterical! And IS a chick magnet. Worth the small price!" D. Wise, Orlando, FL

"If I hadn't ordered one and worn it, I wouldn't believe it! This thing works! It DOES create conversation with the ladies! Thanks!" - D. Busch, San Marcos, CA

"It never fails to amaze me. You find a goof-ball product and decide to buy it and see what happens...and "wham-o". The first lady at the checkout stand at my local store held up the line while she was asking what the hell it was that I was wearing around my neck. She just laughed and laughed. Guess what? I met her for lunch the next weekend. Wow!" - J. Abend, Woodcliff lake, NJ

"Are you kidding me? This chick-thing really works!" - Anonymous Lesbian

Satisfied Customers:

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"Where the hell did you guys ever get this SHIT book? This is one of the most hysterical books I have ever read! The illustrations are just a crack-up! I'm ordering another for my brother! A great gift! Too funny!" - C. Morgan, San Marcos, CA

"This SHIT book is too funny! I haven't stopped laughing yet! Neither has my wife!" - C.Mitchell, St. Louis, MO

"I just wanted to write and tell you that your "Computer Ethics" book is a sensational and educational book for kids! My little boy is 9 and he LOVES it! I recommend it to any parent for their kids." - R. Pearson, NYC, NY


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